It was kind of a long time since I last wrote anything to my blog. But new Episode of STAR WARS deserves to be a comeback post, ha.


So yeah, I watched Stars Wars – The Force Awakens.


I want to point out, that I don’t consider myself a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, I simply admire it as a cultural phenomenon for its time. You can not argue that when the first movie came out in 70-s it was outrageous! The quality, the costumes, the decorations, the storyline, unlike anything we’ve seen before, first of its kind. So of course it became a hit for a whole generation. I can not even imagine my reaction if I would watch it then, (And wasn’t even born in 70s lol) but can you imagine it?! My mind would’ve been blown away! So all the anticipation and craziness that’s happening right now is totally understandable.


I personally first watched it two week ago. So for me it was just in preparation for a new episode, to understand the storyline. And I was still impressed by all of it!


The whole generation grew up watching the original movies, and everyone was expecting a lot from it. So the pressure on creative team must’ve been humongous. And I think they didn’t want to get too creative with the story, that everybody loves so much. And that’s where we’re getting to the part where I actually explain what I think about the movie.


MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of – nothing is clear. Tons of questions popped to my head, one after another.


  1. Why did Luke Skywalker ran away? Just because he failed training one of the Jedi? And he turned to the Dark Side, eventually becoming the Kylo Ren, new generation DartWader. That’s not the Luke we know from the original movie, he would never gave up, and most certainly would never  ran away when everybody needs him.




  1. Rey – who is she? Where is she from? And how did she learned to use the Force so quickly? It took Luke almost two episodes to master the Force! I guess those questions are going to be answered in the second movie.


  1. Finn – so he was trained and programmed from the birth to be a storm trooper, and all of a sudden in one battle he figured it was a bad thing he was doing???? There must be more to his story that what we were told.


  1. And if Kylo Ren wasn’t able to use Luke’s lightstabber,  than how the hell Finn could fight with it just fine?! Again – what are you hiding Finn????


  1. Kylo Ren is just one big question…. What did Leia and Han did to him that turned him to the dark side so abrupt, that he even decided !!!SPOILER!!! kill his father, Han Solo?!?!?!?!?


Also, was I the only one that thinks that the plot is awfully familiar to one of the past episodes? Dead Star.. Ringing the bell? Just now they made it bigger. And that First Order speech… Way too Nazi, just too much, but again, maybe that was the point….



In conclusion, I think I liked it, but all those questions are burning my mind lol



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